Civil Engineering

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab introduces students practical knowledge of behaviour of fluids which they are earlier studied by using mathematical equations. It involves study of various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, density and temperature, as functions of space and time. Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics which deals with the properties of fluids, namely liquids and gases, and their interaction with forces.

The lab is equipped with different flow measuring set-ups such as venturimeter, orifice-plate, pitot tube, rotometer etc., where students can visualize the basic theory of working of the flow meter. The lab also has Reynolds’s setup, free-forced vortices setup, flow over open channel and impact of jet set-up, where students can fortify their theoretical knowledge. The lab also has some advanced research set-up such as constant temperature hot-wire anemometer, pulsating flow meter, where some advanced research work can be performed.